Called to be creative…

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t making, doing, exploring…

I experienced the urge to create even as a small child, encouraged by my parents, who were both makers, passionate about using their skills and their imagination. 

My father stands out as a very special role model. At a time when South Africa imported all guitars and none were manufactured locally, he would make all his own guitars from scratch, first building all the tools he would need before carefully crafting each piece. I used to love playing with the wood shavings in his workshop, while he was busy working on an instrument. I think being this close to creation, and to the materials involved, fuelled my own desire to make…

This drive grew even stronger once we moved from the small town where I had spent most of my childhood to the big city. 

All of a sudden, my horizons were so much broader – there was so much more to discover, so much more I could be. I couldn’t wait to get exploring and expressing myself!

All of this inspired me to become an artist. In truth, I think this is who I was always meant to be, although it wasn’t until I experienced a tragic life event that I stepped into my true purpose as an artist. I feel that ‘Driekie’, the artist, emerged from somewhere beyond myself. It is who I was destined to be.

About my art

Creating art is something close to my soul, and I am well aware of how very fortunate I am to be on this journey. 

I find inspiration from so many different sources every day. I might be moved by a conversation, a minor detail I’ve noticed as I’ve gone about my chores, a vision that appeared in a dream, or something seemingly small in my surroundings. And then of course, there’s music – one of my greatest loves. 

As an artist, the process of creating is an immersive one. You have to be your own best friend, because you really are riding a wave. One minute, you’re on top of the world – the next, you’re crashing on the rocks. 

And then, just as suddenly, you’ll see the light again. The exhilarating highs are followed by equally devastating lows – but I embrace the paradoxical truth that creating can be more than one thing at a time, and that constant change is part of the deal. That’s what I love about it.

I hope that people get a sense of this when they look at my work – that they can come to their own place of serenity through my process, that the piece makes them linger for a moment, to pause and be present. But above all, I hope that tmy work also gives them a sense of hope, because as much as my process may be intense, it is also about celebrating and loving life, looking for the joy in every moment – much as I do. 

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